SMF Créations also means innovation. We take pride in designing our own range of furniture. 

Our manufacturing unit, located near Montargis - 100 kilometers south of Paris, allows us to offer a complete service from the creation to the delivery and installation of our products.


One of the best example of our company's creativity is the Totem - a personal and ingenious product.


The Totem is a unit that can be placed in a home or hotel entrance hall. It distinguishes itself from any other piece of furniture by its elegant feminine shape and the various modern features that it includes.


Its back lights up when it detects a presence,
and it can recognise its owner by identifying the Bluetooth connexion of his/her phone.

When its owner walks by, the whole Totem lights up – it can sing, tell a personalised message,
the weather forecast or wish the user a good day.

These parameters can be configurated via the USB and Ethernet connexions on the Totem.


The breast opens on a tidy and the legs on shelves. The opening is automatic and done thank to
non-apparent tactile sensors.


These features can be either universal or restricted to one single user.


Dimensions: Width: 23cm, Depth: 24 cm, Height: 160cm

Material: MDF with a white gloss finish, Mahogany with a shiny varnish and synthetic resin

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